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Coverlens PCAP-PCT capacitive


As touchsurface for capacitive switches, touchscreens and potentiometers (sliders)  we can implement the graphics and optional sensors by printing on high-grade plastics up to glass, according the requested application needs.  Available in different thickness types from ultra-thin up to rigid and robust constructions. The coverlens can be printed with your logo and finished with optical antireflection, anti-glare and scratch improved surface coatings.


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Various CNC controlled operations allows us to realize openings and edge-finish choices to integrate other components into the glass or plastic surface. The panel merges almost seamlessly with the enclosure or device.


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Keys and symbols can be illuminated through transparent filter colors, as well as appear secretly from the background color. Your coverlens can be completed with mechanical mounting facilities, adhesives, air-gaps, sealing rings, carrier plate or bezel for easy mounting and fixing your PCB, PCAP-touch or display.