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Sensors & electrodes

The printing of graphic inks on industrial substrates as metal, glass and plastic is the core specialty of Metagra Industry since its inception in 1929.

With departments such as digital printing, hybrid-printing, screen printing, and photo-chemical printing we update our equipment adapted to new and innovative technical inks and related printing techniques.

To customer-specific requirements we integrate existing sensors or realize the sensors with printing functional and variable conductive inks and offer this integrated in your control panel, according to your design and tailored to all new and latest reading techniques.

On substrates as thin- & thickfilm foil, glass to ultra-thin glass & and all engineering plastics we provide the conductive inks and specific intelligent or variable polymers. The sensors work throughout each tuned substrate.

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  • capacitive key-sensors & potentiometers (PCAP-PCT)
  • electrodes (medical)
  • pressure-& force sensors
  • piezo
  • antenna-patterns, RFID
  • heating elements
  • swipe-detectors
  • infrared IR & PIR
  • bluetooth, QR-code, bar code
  • optical detection
  • motion & gesture recognition
  • 3D sensing
  • ...